The product of 2014, the MTX CLASS is the top end of the Hakuyo range.
The lanyard is made of the highest quality carbon, with a 3K carbon fiber finishing finish, giving it a flawless, durable and scratch-resistant appearance. At the same time, this 3K carbon blanket blanket increases the power of the rod by 15%.
The last-generation K-type ring, with a special shape that reduces the risk of thread jamming.



With a weight of only 430g and with a power that we find only on the extreme throwing rods, MTX CLASS has the ideal parameters to be considered the best carp fishing line in terms of remote fishing. This is supported by the 2014 Hakuyo Casting Cup, where the MTX CLASS has outgrown all the other roles in the competition. With this launch, no less than eight throws of over 200m have been achieved, which have never been achieved in our casting competitions. Along with the MTX CLASS, a new national casting record with a 214m throw was achieved!